This Star Citizen referral code grants you free game credits when you sign up and is worth about $5.00 (5000 UEC). Once you use the code you join the referral program and get your own unique code. After you pledged you can share your own code and invite your friends. A code can only be applied to new accounts, not after enlisting.

Referral CodeGrab the code or add yours
STAR-L6Q2-2394The green button will take you to the RSI registration page.

Get this codeAdd your code

10 recruits reward

Spend the credit in the Voyager Direct store (not recommended) or keep them in your account. The store is outdated and you might buy something you’ll regret. You need to do the following to make sure you get the free UEC.

How to use the Star Citizen referral code

The only thing you have to do is copy the referral or click the link. You enter the Star Citizen referral when signing up for the game.

  1. Create a new account, start by using this Star Citizen referral link STAR-L6Q2-2394
  2. Consider buying a game package (or wait for a free fly week coupon code)
  3. Share your code here and go to the referral code randomizer (optional)

Just copy the code and enter it when you sign up for a new account or use the link which takes you to the Star Citizen (RSI) website. The free credits will automatically be applied to your account. You don’t even have to buy a game package, the 5000 UEC credits are yours.

  • Prospects need to spend at least $40 before they become recruits, this will earn you a referral point.
  • Recruits always get 5000 UEC whether they pledge for the game or not.
  • Gifting from an existing account to the new account doesn’t count towards the $40 threshold.
  • Gifting gift cards to accounts won’t work, it needs to be’ fresh’ money.
  • The recruit can melt their items for store credit without changing their status back to “prospect.”
  • Rewards are non-giftable and can’t be exchanged for store credit.
  • You’ll lose a recruit when someone asks for a refund, I don’t know if you’ll lose a reward.

Creating a Star Citizen account

Here’s a couple of things you should know when you enlist for the game.

  • The E-mail address you enter is tied to your account. You are however free to change it.
  • Your “Login ID“ is a not your in-game name. Its purpose is to sign into your account from the launcher and can’t be changed.
  • Your handle is your in-game name
  • The community monicker is your name on the forums which you can always change

You are able to change your handle once for free if you regret your initial name.

Referral code randomizer

Star Citizen Referral Code Randomizer

The Star Citizen referral randomizer was launched right after the introduction of the referral program. Some people thought it was a good idea to spam their code everywhere which caused quite some annoyance. The idea was to use it to promote the game and getting something in return, not dropping it everywhere like a mindless automaton.

Add your referral code here and share your code
Add your code

It didn’t take long before the posting of referrals was banned on the Star Citizen subreddit. Fortunately, Redditor gbrenik came up with a tool that people could use to add their referral number. Saving us all from the spam once and for all, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

How does the Reddit referral code randomizer work?

The Reddit referral code randomizer selects a new code every 5 minutes. It’s a simple Google Docs spreadsheet with a script which randomly selects a code from a citizen. As of this writing, there are close to 12.000 numbers in there. Codes are removed after 6 months keep the spreadsheet clean, you can however resubmit.

If you haven’s submitted your referral yet you should, it takes little effort and maybe you get lucky!

Adding your code

Adding your code is easy and it will remain there for 3 months. After that, it will be removed to keep the sheet clean. However, you can just add your code again so put it on your agenda. You’ll need a Google account to be able to submit, but your e-mail isn’t stored anywhere. Additionally submitting more than once is a waste of your time as scripts check for duplicates and remove them. It’s not stopping you from using multiple Star Citizen accounts, as long as your code is unique.

Update: the old randomizer is no longer available.

The good

It has certainly helped to reduce the flood of spam to keep the star citizen Subreddit clean. The randomizer got many people prospects and recruits, especially at the beginning. I wouldn’t call it a victim of its own success but it gets harder to up your rankings by each day.

The inevitable

The Randomizer keeps growing every day, it’s getting huge. As a result, your chances of getting recruits are pretty slim. Some people haven’t gotten a single recruit since launch and others got several.

If you want to get more Star Citizen recruits you can add your code here! Just submit your referral code in the form below and it’ll be added to my referral randomizer alternative. Put some effort into and you get featured on top of the page!


Crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their AI crew. Also, I will be moonlighting as cargo hauler. Moving all the salt I created around the verse...

Submit your referral code

What are the rules

Keep your writing clean and civil to get your comment added. Just follow the form instructions and look at the other comments if you’re unsure.

How long will it take before my code is added

Immediately, just hit one of the social buttons and add your code.

Where can I find my referral code and link?

Change the referral code in the bold text below to your own code. Your own code can be found here. You’ll need to be logged in!

Will I get recruits?

Maybe, maybe not. I can’t give you any guarantees.

Referral rewards

Applying the code retroactively

Unfortunately, you can’t apply the referral code after you created a Star Citizen account. In order to get the bonus, you have to create a fresh account. Some backers got many friends to pledge before the referral program started and didn’t get any recruits. Not everyone was happy with the introduction of the program because of this.

Invite friends to sign up for the referral program

When you’ve signed up for Star Citizen you’ll have you enter the referral program and get your own star citizen referral code. You can now share it with friends, they get a nice bonus and you’ll start earning those rewards! It’s easy, just copy the code from your personal account.

Spend the free UEC or keep it?

Keep it, the Voyager direct store is worthless and you can earn weapons, ships, and goodies with REC and aUEC. These are credits for testing purposes but allows you to try stuff out before the game launches. The voyager direct store isn’t up to date, the weapon statistics are inaccurate and some items aren’t even in the game anymore. Until the store gets an update you should keep the credits (it’s probably not a priority in the development process right now).


Use an SC referral code and join Star Citizen when you create a new account. Once the game releases the free UEC will come in handy and it’s a nice bonus. Remember to keep the credits in your account for now.

Pay attention when you register. You can’t change your login ID and your handle only once. Worth noting is that your account is linked to the original e-mail address you provided.

Once signed up you get your personal generated number. From there you’ll able to share it with your friends. Add it to the referral Randomizer, you might get lucky.

star citizen referral rewardsThere are some nice rewards to get out of the program, the best is probably the Gladius gold reward. The other rewards may be less interesting unless you really want to have the Captain forum display title. The surf and turf is also pretty cool, the fish tank and fishes look great and it’s fun to ride the Greycat buggy in your hangar.

Ranking ladder

All rewards from the referral program
RecruitsRecruitment titleForum display titleRewards
1Badger and badgesRecruiterGA series of UEE Squadron Badges
K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters
3Gimbals and gunsPrivateTwo gimbal mounts and
two K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters.
5Surf & TurfCorporalGreycat buggy
4 white & blue striped fish
10Gladius & goldSergeantGladius standalone ship & 6 Months Insurance,
5 gold ship display models
25AC racing packageLieutenantPermanently unlock 350R, M50 & Mustang Gamma in Crusader & Arena Commander
15,000 UEC
42AC combat packageCaptainPermanent unlock the Cutlass Black, Hornet, Avenger & Aurora LN
30,000 UEC
75Speed racerMajorMisc Razor
 100Dog FighterLt. ColonelAlien ship the Blade.
200Ready for battleColonelAlien ship Vanduul Glaive.
500Anvil Ship PackageBrigadier GeneralTerrapin and Hurricane
1042Million Mile High Club AccessMajor GeneralMembership to the Million Mile High Club
2017Star CrossingLt. GeneralThe Javelin class destroyer

Recruitment points and rewards

The recruitment points earn you credits, forum titles, hangar flair, ships, UEC and badges. The current ladder starts at one and ends at2017 recruits with that badass Javelin destroyer.

1 recruit – Bulldog repeater and badges

This shouldn’t be hard to get. It earns you a Klaus & Werner CF-007 bulldog repeater worth 8000 UEC. The description of the weapon states its capable of high firing rates and maintains accuracy. Power consumption is low but the stats will change with the balancing of the game. You also get a series of badges that serve as hangar flair, they located in your hangar on a wall. Location depends on which hangar you have.

3 recruitment points – two Bulldog repeaters and gimbals

First of all it earns you two Klaus & Werner CF-007 bulldog repeaters, double the fun! Additionally, you get two gimbal mounts to complete the set. Looking at the previous reward, you now own 3 badger repeaters and 2 gimbals worth about 30K UEC.

5 recruitment points – Greycat buggy, fish, and a fish tank

5 recruits earn you the Greycat buggy, you can drive it around in your hangar and eventually, you’ll be able to load it into your ship when you go on missions. The 4 white & blue striped fish and fish tank are also a cool addition to decorate your hangar. The buggy is worth 5000 UEC and so is the fish tank, the fishes are about 1k. Your total earnings from the referral program are now around 34k.10 recruitment points

10 recruitment points – Gladius and gold model ships

Here’s where it gets really interesting. The Gladius gold reward earns you the ship which you can use in both arena commander, the mini persistent universe, and the final game. It comes with 6 months insurance and can be upgraded. Keep in mind that you can’t melt the ship for store credits so think twice before you upgrade the ship. Consequently applied ship upgrades can’t be removed so think twice before you upgrade the ship.

On top of that you get 5 gold ship models, these are models and not real ships! You can use them to decorate your hangar.

25 recruitment points – access to 3 racer ships and 15k UEC

This gets 15.000 UEC and the following ships in Crusader & Arena Commander.

  • Origin 350R
  • Origin M50
  • Consolidated Outland’s Mustang Gamma

Even though you won’t be able to use the racing ships in the final PU, you always have access to them in Arena Commander. The recently introduced Razer isn’t in the package.

42 recruitment points – access to 4 combat ships and 30k UEC

You get 30.000 UEC credits and you 4 combat ships for use in in Crusader & Arena Commander. The combat ships you get access to are:

  • Drake Interplaetary Cutlass Black
  • Anvil Aerospace Hornet,
  • Aegis Dynamics Avenger
  • RSI Aurora LN

75 recruitment points – Misc Razer racing ship

Still in concept but the Misc Razer might be one of the best in its class, comparable to the M-50.

100 recruitment points – Dog Fighter

You will be awarded with an alien ship, the Blade is the Vanduul light fighter.

200 recruitment points – Ready for battle

Another alien ship, this time the reward is the Glaive! This is the Vanduul elite ship for experienced combat pilots.

500 recruitment points – Anvil Ship Package

You get 2 ships when you get to 500 RP. You get the Anvil Terrapin explorer and additionally you’ll be rewarded Hurricane to defend your Terrapin.

1042 recruitment points – Million Mile High Club

Access to the Million Mile High Club. An exclusive club in the game for completionists that pledged over 30k USD.

2017 recruitment points – Javelin destroyer

I guess not many people are in the position to get over a 2000 new citizens. This is probably only for big org leaders and popular streamers/Youtubers.

You’ll be rewarded with the javelin class destroyer, one of the biggest and the most expensive ship you can get. The Javelin is very limited and needs to be operated by a large crew.

Rewards from the contest

With the announcement of the revamped program the higher tiers are now available! Also a contest was announced to earn extra goodies.

  • 1 RP : A T-shirt  for you’re character
  • 10 points: Star Kitten Dragonfly
  • An Idris M frigate if you are on top of the leaderboard at the end of the contest in August 2017.
  • 2942 Free trip (including Hotel) to Gamescom 2017 and a meet & greet with Chris Roberts and the CIG development team.

There are some great rewards to get from the program. The ladder shows that for now getting 10 recruits is the most rewarding. The higher the rankings go, the less you get (or so it seems).

Using a referral always grants a prospect 5000 UEC, once the prospect pledged over $40 you get a recruitment point.

The rewards aren’t giftable and can’t be melted, the Gladius can be upgraded though.

Star Citizen Coupon code

Star Citizen coupons

If you’re looking for a Star Citizen coupon you might be in luck. Although promo codes and discounts are uncommon, sometimes you can get a voucher and apply it to get a discounted ship.


A new marketing strategy from CIG is handing out discounts when buying Star Citizen concept ships. This new strategy was first seen at the end of 2016 with so called Warbonds. Older backers often use store credits (by melting their ships) to buy new concept ships, but this doesn’t bring in new money. As a result CIG introduced Warbonds.  Warbonds are coupon codes you can apply to concept ships, they only apply when you use cash to keep the cash flow coming.

Some people got angry as they paid more for a package in the past. To be fair, some community members are always angry about something (take a break guys!). Keep an eye out for the next concept sale in order to get a voucher, maybe there’s a sweet during Anniversary sales usually offer discounts on starter packages, but don’t expect too much from it.

The anniversary sales from 2014 and 2015 had some great starter package deals. In 2014 both Squadron 42 and the Multiplayer were sold for just $20, the year after only $30 for a starter Aurora MR. The 2016 anniversary sale was a bit of a letdown, $35 for a starter package which didn’t include Squadron 42.

Star Citizen coupon – Centurion and Imperator

This may look great, but you have to pay for it. Perhaps it seems a bit strange, but you get these vouchers when you become a subscriber. The percentage of these Star Citizen coupon codes depends on which subscription you pick and you have to subscribe for at least one year. The subscribers are important as the subscription money is used for producing shows and content for the fans.

The Centurion grants you 10% off anything you purchase and the Imperator 20%. There is a limit though, Imperator subscribers discount is max $100, for Centurion it’s $50. You could try to get on on the grey market, but tread carefully and follow the community guides.

AMD special edition voucher

The AMD star citizen voucher came with the AMD Radeon R9 or R7 Series graphics card. Activating the voucher awarded a limited edition Mustang Omega with a special skin. The free star citizen package contained the full game with 3 months insurance, well not entirely free since you paid for the GPU of course. You’re still able to pick up the packages on the grey market but you can’t redeem code anymore.

How to get Star Citizen recruits

my god, it's full of recruits
Not everybody has 10 friends who are interested in Star Citizen, and buying 10 packages isn’t worth the money. So how do you get more rewards from the referral program? Of course we all know the Reddit randomizer. You just add it and wait, but passiveness isn’t going to get you 10 recruits.

Getting recruitment points isn’t that hard if you are willing to work for it. If you want to get some Star Citizen recruits there a few things you can do.

A few methods

First of all don’t spam, don’t be that guy. Leaving a comment on a forum won’t do anything for you as Google usually doesn’t index them. Just look at the (outdated) Wiki comments, it’s a mess. There are a few Facebook pages where you can share them but again, it’s a spam party. If you want to create content you should think of your the audience you want to target and what they are looking for. Think of the following if you want to go down this road:

  • Create content for gamers curious about Star Citizen
  • Perhaps they are looking for the right ship and haven’t created an account yet
  • Target potential backers who create an account during a free fly event

Remember to be honest about the current state of the game, you’re a Star Citizen ambassador. You might also want to mention that you get a recruitment point.

1: Create a Youtube video

Sound easy right? Well it isn’t that easy. In order to stand out you really need to create some unique and interesting content. There is quite some competition already but if you come up with some interesting topics people will pick up your code.
Think about what people are looking for and come up with a target audience like potential new backers.

2: Create a blog

Probably the most labor intensive way to get more recruits. While setting up a blog is easy, getting people to visit your blog is another thing. You have to know about SEO (search engine optimisation) and there’s quite some competition out there.  Also, getting to the first page and staying there is hard.
If you only want the Gladius gold reward, this isn’t the most efficient way. Hosting your own blog will cost money so method 4 would probably be more efficient time-money wise. You could of course consider getting a blog on WordPress which is free but has some limitations.

3: Buy them on the grey market

If you don’t have much time on your hands and can afford it, the grey market could be an option. Turnover is usually a few hours and 10 recruits cost you about $100-$150.
Some traders create new accounts, buy a starter pack and use your code. This seems expensive but they use the credits to upgrade LTI tokens and resell them. Technically they get discounted credits.
This approach seems a bit questionable as might as well just buy a Gladius, but you’ll miss out on the other rewards.
Make sure you deal with reputable traders and read the community guidelines! If you follow them you should be safe from scammers. Use common sense, don’t deal with unverified traders and ask for a trusted middleman if your unsure. If an offer sounds to good to be true, well you know.

4: Write a guest post

Write a great article and ask someone to host it, preferably a website about Star Citizen. There are many subjects to cover and the community loves great content. Usually blogs have rules about guest posting and not all of them allow you to embed your referral. It’s not uncommon to write a 1000 word article and hand over the copyrights in order to get your article out there.

5: Create an awesome infographic

If you have some graphic skills you could consider creating a cool infographic. People LOVE great infographics and I’m sure the Star Citizen community appreciates them. There are some online tools that can help you do the job, although they are a bit generic and don’t provide a unique style.

So pick an interesting subject, look for common questions and create an image to answer those questions. Once you got your subject and created the infographic you’re ready to share. Finally post it on Imgur and use the link to post your image on the Star Citizen Reddit, the Star Citizen forums etc. Don’t forget to embed your Star Citizen referral code in the graphic.
Note that you aren’t allowed to post your referral in plain text on Reddit as it violates the SC subreddit rules.

It’s not that hard

Getting more recruits and rewards from the referral program isn’t really that hard. With a little bit of effort you should be able to get the Gladius gold award. 42 recruits is probably a bigger challenge, make sure you create something great and use the Star Citizen community to promote your content. Basically look for subjects that people like and create some great content to share with the community. Don’t forget to add your code to my referral code randomizer.