is all about the SC affiliate program. Our goal is to provide updated and detailed information and tips to help you increase your rankings.

Sabre Raven in space

About you

First of all thanks for stopping by! I bet you are interested in getting more recruits or maybe you’re curious about getting some Star Citizen deals. Well, you’ve come to the right place! This site lists all the coupons and deals when you want to buy the game.

An alternative to the randomizer

In case you haven’t noticed, getting recruits is really hard when you’re not willing to put in a tiny amount of effort. Here’s where we come in.  Leave your code here and with some luck, you’ll get featured on top of the page. This is not meant to replace the original generator! Also, keep an eye out for giveaways, I usually announce them at /r/starcitizen.

Why I created this website

I don’t have many gamer friends, and hardly have time to play games. I really wanted to get a Gladius so I decided to create this website. I’m not a content creator, Youtuber or Twitch streamer but I figured this might get me some virtual goodies. This turned out better than I expected! I recently reached the MMHC reward and decided to give back to the community by featuring codes on top of my page. Thank you for visiting and see you in the Verse!