The Star Citizen referral code grants you free game credits when you sign up and is worth about $5.00. Once you use the code you join the Star Citizen referral program and get your own unique code. After you enlisted you can share your own referral code and invite your friends. This SC referral code can only be applied to new accounts, not after enlisting.

STAR-X5R4-526B5000 UECThis button will take you to the RSI registration page.

Get this code

10 recruits reward
You need to do the following to make sure you get the free UEC.

  1. Create a new account, start by using this Star Citizen referral link STAR-X5R4-526B
  2. Consider buying a game package (or wait for a free fly week coupon code)
  3. Share your code here and go to the referral code randomizer (optional)

Spend the credit in the Voyager Direct store (not recommended) or keep them in your account. The store is outdated and you might buy something you’ll regret.

Get a Star Citizen referral code when signing up

The only thing you have to do is copy the referral or click the link. The code is filled in automatically. From there you have to fill in the RSI registration form. Some important aspects of the form are worth mentioning.

  • The E-mail address you enter is tied to your account. You are however free to change it.
  • Your “Login ID“ is a not your in-game name. Its purpose is to sign into your account from the launcher and can’t be changed.
  • Your handle is your in-game name
  • The community monicker is your name on the forums which you can always change

You are able to change you handle once for free so if you regret your initial name. Most importantly, dont foget to enter the Star Citizen referral in the form. Once you’re done you can get your own referral code rewards.

How to use the referral code

Just copy the code and enter it when you sign up for a new account or use referral code link which takes you to the Star Citizen (RSI) website. The free credits will automatically be applied to your account. You don’t even have to buy a game package, the 5000 UEC are yours.

Applying the code retroactively

Unfortunately you can’t apply the referral code after you created a Star Citizen account. In order to get the bonus you have to create a fresh account. Some backers got many friends to pledge before the referral program started and didn’t get any recruits. Not everyone was happy with the introduction of the program because of this.

In order to get your own recruits you might want to check to get more Star Citizen recruits. There are some ways for you to get that Gladius Gold reward.

Invite friends to sign up to the referral program

When you’ve signed up for Star Citizen you’ll have you enter the referral program and get your own star citizen referral. You can now share it with friends, they get a nice bonus and you’ll start earning those rewards! It’s easy, just copy the code from your personal account.

Spend the free UEC or keep it?

Keep it, the Voyager direct store is worthless and you can earn weapons, ships and goodies with REC and aUEC. These are credits for testing purposes but allows you to try stuff out before the game launches. The voyager direct store isn’t up to date, the weapon statistics are inaccurate and some items aren’t even in the game anymore. Until the store gets and update you should keep the credits (it’s probably not a priority in the development process right now).


Use a SC referral code and join Star Citizen when you create a new account. Once the game releases the free UEC will come in handy and it’s a nice bonus. Remember to keep the credits in your account for now.

Pay attention when you register. Your can’t change your login ID and your handle only once. Worth noting is that your account is linked to the original e-mail address you provided.

Everybody gets Star Citizen referral codes once signed up. From there you’ll able to share it with your friends. Add it to the Reddit referral Randomizer, you might get lucky.