my god, it's full of recruits
Not everybody has 10 friends who are interested in Star Citizen, and buying 10 packages isn’t worth the money. So how do you get more rewards from the referral program? Of course we all know the Reddit randomizer. You just add it and wait, but passiveness isn’t going to get you 10 recruits.

Getting recruitment points isn’t that hard if you are willing to work for it. If you want to get some Star Citizen recruits there a few things you can do.

How to get Star Citizen referral code rewards

First of all don’t spam, don’t be that guy. Leaving a comment on a forum won’t do anything for you as Google usually doesn’t index them. Just look at the (outdated) Wiki comments, it’s a mess. There are a few Facebook pages where you can share them but again, it’s a spam party. If you want to create content you should think of your the audience you want to target and what they are looking for. Think of the following if you want to go down this road:

  • Create content for gamers curious about Star Citizen/li>
  • Perhaps they are looking for the right ship and haven’t created an account yet
  • Target potential backers who create an account during a free fly event

Remember to be honest about the current state of the game, you’re a Star Citizen ambassador. You might also want to mention that you get a recruitment point.

1: Create a Youtube video

Sound easy right? Well it isn’t that easy. In order to stand out you really need to create some unique and interesting content. There is quite some competition already but if you come up with some interesting topics people will pick up your code.
Think about what people are looking for and come up with a target audience like potential new backers. Maybe your target audience are new backers so what are the potential subjects to cover?

2: Create a blog

Probably the most labor intensive way to get more recruits. While setting up a blog is easy, getting people to visit your blog is another thing. You have to know about SEO (search engine optimisation) and there’s quite some competition out there.  Also, getting to the first page and staying there is hard.
If you only want the Gladius gold reward, this isn’t the most efficient way. Hosting your own blog will cost money so method 4 would probably be more efficient time-money wise. You could of course consider getting a blog on WordPress which is free but has some limitations.

3: Buy them on the grey market

If you don’t have much time on your hands and can afford it, the grey market could be an option. Turnover is usually a few hours and 10 recruits cost you about $90-$100. Note that since the launch of the contest prices doubled, I strongly advice not to buy at this moment!
Some traders create new accounts, buy a starter pack and use your code. This seems expensive but they use the credits to upgrade LTI tokens and resell them. Technically they get discounted credits.
This approach seems a bit questionable as might as well just buy a Gladius, but you’ll miss out on the other rewards.< Make sure you deal with reputable traders and read the community guidelines! If you follow them you should be safe from scammers. Use common sense, don’t deal with unverified traders and ask for a trusted middleman if your unsure. If it sounds to good to be true, well you know.

4: Write a guest post

Write a great article and ask someone to host it, preferably a website about Star Citizen. There are many subjects to cover and the community loves great content. Usually blogs have rules about guest posting and not all of them allow you to embed your referral. It’s not uncommon to write a 1000 word article and hand over the copyrights in order to get your article out there.

I personally accept guest posts (depending on your intentions), but this blog is pretty fresh so you might want to look somewhere else.

5: Create an awesome infographic

If you have some graphic skills you could consider creating a cool infographic. People LOVE great infographics and I’m sure the Star Citizen community appreciates them. There are some online tools that can help you do the job, although they are a bit generic and don’t provide a unique style.

So pick an interesting subject, look for common questions and create an image to answer those questions. Once you got your subject and created the infographic you’re ready to share. Finally post it on Imgur and use the link to post your image on the Star Citizen Reddit, the Star Citizen forums etc. Don’t forget to embed your Star Citizen referral code in the graphic.
Note that you aren’t allowed to post your referral in plain text on Reddit as it violates the SC subreddit rules.

6: Google Adwords

Last but not least, use Google to advertise your code. This will cost you some money but it’s a lot cheaper than buying a Gladius. You’ll need to create a Google account and additionally create an Adwords account. You can get a voucher (value depends on your region) once you spend a certain amount. So let’s say you spend for an amount of $25, once you reach that amount you get a coupon worth $75. Don’t forget to activate the code in your Adwords account!


Getting more recruits and rewards from the referral program isn’t really that hard. With a little bit of effort you should be able to get the Gladius gold award. 42 recruits is probably a bigger challenge, make sure you create something great and use the Star Citizen community to promote your content. Basically look for subjects that people like and create some great content to share with the community. Don’t forget to add your code to my referral code randomizer.