Star Citizen couponsIf you’re looking for a Star Citizen coupon code you might be in luck. Although promo codes and discounts are uncommon, sometimes you can get a voucher and apply it to get a discounted ship. If you’re impatient you can use the Star Citizen code below when you create a new account, it will give you a small bonus.

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Star citizen coupon code – Warbonds

A new marketing strategy from CIG is handing out discounts on a Star Citizen game package. This new strategy was first seen at the end of 2016 with so called Warbonds. Older backers often use store credits (by melting their ships) to buy new concept ships, but this doesn’t bring in new money. As a result CIG introduced Warbonds.  Warbonds are discount codes you can apply to concept ships, they only apply when you use cash to keep the cashflow coming.

Some people got angry as they paid more for a package in the past. To be fair, some community members are always angry about something (take a break guys!). Keep an eye out for the next concept sale in order to get a voucher, maybe there’s a sweet during Anniversary sales usually offer discounts on starter packages, but don’t expect too much from it.

The anniversary sales from 2014 and 2015 had some great starter package deals. In 2014 both Squadron 42 and the Multiplayer were sold for just $20, the year after only $30 for a starter Aurora MR. The 2016 anniversary sale was a bit of a letdown, $35 for a starter package which didn’t include Squadron 42.

Star Citizen discount code – Centurion and Imperator

This may look great, but you have to pay for it. Perhaps it seems a bit strange, but you get these vouchers when you become a subscriber. The percentage of these Star Citizen coupon codes depends on which subscription you pick and you have to subscribe for at least one year. The subscribers are important as the subscription money is used for producing shows and content for the fans.

The Centurion grants you 10% off anything you purchase and the Imperator 20%. There is a limit though, Imperator subscribers discount is max $100, for Centurion it’s $50. You could try to get on on the grey market, but tread carefully and follow the community guides.

AMD special edition voucher

The AMD star citizen voucher came with the AMD Radeon R9 or R7 Series graphics card. Activating the voucher awarded a limited edition Mustang Omega with a special skin. The free star citizen package contained the full game with 3 months insurance, well not entirely free since you paid for the GPU of course. You’re still able to pick up the packages on the grey market but you can’t redeem code anymore.

How to play Star Citizen for free

If you want to play for free you should wait for a free fly event. Usually you can play Star Citizen for free for a weekend and sometimes even a week. You can try many ships for free depending on the available ships during the event.
You need to create an account first, use a Star Citizen referral code and enter the free fly code as soon as it becomes available. To get a free fly code you’ll need to pay attention to the SC community/news, it’s a great opportunity to try Star Citizen for free.