Star Citizen Referral Code Randomizer

The Star Citizen referral randomizer was launched right after the introduction of the referral program. Some people thought it was a good idea to spam their code everywhere which caused quite some annoyance. The idea was to use it to promote the game and getting something in return, not dropping it everywhere like a mindless automaton.

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It didn’t take long before posting of referrals was banned on the Star Citizen subreddit. Fortunately Redditor gbrenik came up with a tool that people could use to add their referral number. Saving us all from the spam once and for all, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

How does the Reddit referral code randomizer work?

The Reddit referral code randomizer selects a new code every 5 minutes. It’s a simple Google Docs spreadsheet with a script which randomly selects a code from a citizen. As of this writing there are close to 12.000 numbers in there. Codes are removed after 6 months keep the spreadsheet clean, you can however resubmit.

If you haven’s submitted your referral yet you should, it takes little effort and maybe you get lucky!

Adding your code

Adding your code is easy and it will remain there for 6 months. After that it will be removed to keep the sheet clean. However you can just add your code again so put it in your agenda. You’ll need a Google account to be able to submit, but your e-mail isn’t stored anywhere. Additionally submitting more than once is a waste of your time as scripts check for duplicates and remove them. It’s not stopping you from using multiple Star Citizen accounts, as long as your code is unique.

  1. Login to Google
  2. Submit your referral code
  3. Re-submit every 6 months

The good

It has certainly helped to reduce the flood of spammy Star citizen referral codes and keeping the star citizen Subreddit clean. The randomizer  got many people prospects and recruits, especially at the beginning. I wouldn’t call it a victim of its own success but it gets harder to up your rankings by each day.

The inevitable

The Randomizer keeps growing everyday, it’s getting huge. As a result the your chances of getting recruits are pretty slim. Some people haven’t gotten a single recruit since launch and others got several.

Update: the original referral generator has now been moved!

If you want to get more Star Citizen recruits you can add your code here!

Well alright, go ahead and share your code. Just submit your referral code in the form below and I’ll add it to my referral randomizer alternative. Put some effort into at and you get featured on top of the page!

Mercenary/Cowboy bebop – STAR-3DV9-LGLJ

My plan in Star Citizen is to be a mercenary/Cowboy bebop, either by being an extra crew member manning turrets on large ships, being a space marine, escorting ships and link jumping with them, VIP escorting, bounty hunting and boarding ships and my favorite one will be getting into my super hornet and taking off from inside of a ship to intercept either pirates or vanduls.Honestly in Star Citizen I’m looking forward to massive PVP fights with capital ships like star wars and people working together to either destroy it or board it, my original reason for backing up the game was that they actually had gravity and actual real life physics and you could shoot parts off of ships either be their guns or thrusters and the ships being customizable, giant hand crafted universe with its own lore and creatures, planetary landing, exploration, mining, bounty hunting, piracy, trading, salvaging ship wrecks, massive organizations, team work and the last one being the community.i have never experience a more friendly community willing to help people. I originally became a backer in August 06, 2015 when i saw Elite Dangerous and was looking at randoms videos in you tube when i came across a star citizen trailer and i saw that an indie game raiser over 100 million dollars.

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What are the rules

Keep your writing clean and civil to get your comment added. Just follow the form instructions and look at the other comments if you’re unsure.

How long will it take before my code is added

Within one day. Once you submit your referral I get notified so all I have to do is approve.

Where can I find my referral code and link?

Change the referral code in the bold text below to your own code. Your own code can be found here

Will I get recruits?

Maybe, maybe not. I can’t give you any guarantees.