star citizen referral rewardsThere are some nice rewards to get out of the program, the best is probably the Gladius gold reward. The other rewards may be less interesting unless you really want to have the Captain forum display title. The surf and turf is also pretty cool, the fish tank and fishes look great and it’s fun to ride the Greycat buggy in your hangar.

  • Prospects need to spend at least $40 before they become recruits, this will earn you a referral point.
  • Recruits always get 5000 UEC wether they pledge for the game or not.
  • Gifting from an existing account to the new account doesn’t count towards the $40 threshold.
  • Gifting gift cards to accounts won’t work, it needs to be’ fresh’ money.
  • The recruit can melt their items for store credit without changing their status back to “prospect.”
  • Rewards are non-giftable and can’t be exchanged for store credit.
  • You’ll lose a recruit when someone asks for a refund, I don’t know if you’ll lose a reward.

Referral program ranking ladder


All rewards from the referral program
Number of recruitsRecruitment titleForum display titleRewards
1Badger and badgesRecruiterGA series of UEE Squadron Badges
K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters
3Gimbals and gunsPrivateTwo gimbal mounts and
two K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters.
5Surf & TurfCorporalGreycat buggy
4 white & blue striped fish
10Gladius & goldSergeantGladius standalone ship & 6 Months Insurance,
5 gold ship display models
25AC racing packageLieutenantPermanently unlock 350R, M50 & Mustang Gamma in Crusader & Arena Commander
15,000 UEC
42AC combat packageCaptainPermanent unlock the Cutlass Black, Hornet, Avenger & Aurora LN
30,000 UEC
75Speed racerMajorMisc Razor
Dog FighterLt. ColonelAlien ship the Blade.
200Ready for battleColonelAlien ship Vanduul Glaive.
500Anvil Ship PackageBrigadier GeneralTerrapin and Hurricane
1042Million Mile High Club AccessMajor GeneralMembership to the Million Mile High Club
2017Star CrossingLt. GeneralThe Javelin class destroyer

Star Citizen recruitment points and rewards

The recruitment points earn you credits, forum titles, hangar flair, ships, UEC and badges. Unfortunately not all of the rewards are known yet. Getting 42 recruits is already quite a challenge, but it would be nice to know what we get after that. Access to the Million Mile High club has been confirmed at 1042 referrals, but 1042 is quite a stretch. There are ways to get more recruits but it requires some work and patience. So lets see which rewards you can get.

1 recruit – Bulldog repeater and badges

This shouldn’t be hard to get. It earns you a Klaus & Werner CF-007 bulldog repeater worth 8000 UEC. The description of the weapon states its capable of high firing rates and maintains accuracy. Power consumption is low but the stats will change with the balancing of the game. You also get a series of badges that serve as hangar flair, they located in your hangar on a wall. Location depends on which hangar you have.

3 recruitment points – two Bulldog repeaters and gimbals

First of all it earns you two Klaus & Werner CF-007 bulldog repeaters, double the fun! Additionally you get two gimbal mounts to complete the set. Looking at the previous reward, you now own 3 badger repeaters and 2 gimbals worth about 30K UEC.

5 recruitment points – Greycat buggy, fish and a fish tank

5 recruits earn you the Greycat buggy, you can drive it around in your hangar and eventually you’ll be able to load it into your ship when you go on missions. The 4 white & blue striped fish and fish tank are also a cool addition to decorate your hangar. The buggy is worth 5000 UEC and so is the fish tank, the fishes are about 1k. Your total earnings from the referral program are now around 34k.10 recruitment points

10 recruitment points – Gladius and gold model ships

Here’s where it get really interesting. The Gladius gold reward earns you the ship which you can use in both arena commander, the mini persistent universe and the final game. It comes with 6 months insurance and can be upgraded. Keep in mind that you can’t melt the ship for store credits so think twice before you upgrade the ship. Consequently applied ship upgrades can’t be removed so think twice before you upgrade the ship.

Additionally you get 5 gold ship models, these are models and not real ships! You can use them to decorate your hangar.

25 recruitment points – access to 3 racer ships and 15k UEC

This gets 15.000 UEC and the following ships in Crusader & Arena Commander.

  • Origin 350R
  • Origin M50
  • Consolidated Outland’s Mustang Gamma

Even though you wont be able to use the racing ships in the final PU, you always have access to them in Arena Commander. The recently introduced Razer isn’t in the package.

42 recruitment points – access to 4 combat ships and 30k UEC

You get 30.000 UEC credits and you 4 combat ships for use in in Crusader & Arena Commander. The combat ships you get access to are:

  • Drake Interplaetary Cutlass Black
  • Anvil Aerospace Hornet,
  • Aegis Dynamics Avenger
  • RSI Aurora LN

75 recruitment points – Misc Razer racing ship

Still in concept but the Misc Razer might be one of the best in its class, comparable to the M-50.

100 recruitment points – Dog Fighter

You will be awarded with an alien ship, the Blade is the Vanduul light fighter.

200 recruitment points – Ready for battle

Another alien ship, this time the reward is the Glaive! This is the Vanduul elite ship for experienced combat pilots.

500 recruitment points – Anvil Ship Package

You get 2 ships when you get to 500 RP. You get the Anvil Terrapin explorer and additionally you’ll be rewarded Hurricane to defend your Terrapin.

1042 recruitment points – Million Mile High Club

Access to the Million Mile High Club. An exclusive club in the game for completionists that pledged over 30k USD.

2017 recruitment points – Javelin destroyer

I guess not many people are in the position to get over a 2000 new citizens to use their Star Citizen referral code. This is probably only for big org leaders and popular streamers/Youtubers.

You’ll be rewarded with the javelin class destroyer, one of the biggest and the most expensive ship you can get. The Javelin is very limited and needs to be operated by a large crew.

Rewards from the contest

With the announcement of the revamped program the higher tiers are now available! Also a contest was announced to earn extra goodies.

  • 1 RP : A T-shirt  for you’re character
  • 10 points: Star Kitten Dragonfly
  • An Idris M frigate if you are on top of the leaderboard at the end of the contest in August 2017.
  • 2942 Free trip (including Hotel) to Gamescom 2017 and a meet & greet with Chris Roberts and the CIG development team.


There are some great rewards to get from the SC referral program. The ladder shows that for now getting 10 recruits is the most rewarding. The higher the rankings go, the less you get (or so it seems).

Using a referral always grants a prospect 5000 UEC, once the prospect pledged over $40 you get a recruitment point.

The rewards aren’t giftable and can’t be melted, the Gladius can be upgraded though.